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Laboratory Software Services Charges

Recently, I had written several posts across my own blog and LinkedIn on the topic of consulting charges to service laboratory software. Artur had asked that I post some of these in this blog and I would like to begin by giving the links to the two LinkedIn posts, which are probably fairly complete, between the two:

Understanding Laboratory Software Services Charges

Understanding Laboratory Software Services Markups and Subcontracting


Customers don’t necessarily have the inside view of how the process of obtaining services resources works. Because of this, they don’t necessarily have expectations that match the resources they’ll receive or the situation that will be created for them.

For example, customers sometimes believe that, if all resources are sent by a single source that they’ll be managed by that source and work together as a team. That is not necessarily the case. In fact, many of the companies are merely recruiting companies that pull in many resources – they aren’t necessarily going to do more than find and send the resources. There is nothing wrong with this model. Some customers manage their own projects and resources and don’t need outside assistance. However, some customers believe they’re passing all their projects, including the management of resources, along to the source that is obtaining the resources and this isn’t necessarily true.

Additionally, with resources being subcontracted at so many levels, there isn’t necessarily a consistency or community within the resources that is created by doing this.

Some customers have taken the stance that they will only accept resources from those companies that can supply the project with actual employees of the consulting company – that no subcontracting is allowed. This might work in some cases but not in others. Where the resources are of a consistent quality, are properly managed and have the desired skills, this situation can work for the customer. However, there are many cases where that is not the case, as well. The customer doesn’t necessarily know that they’ll get a better situation by doing this, either.

In the end, consulting has gotten more complicated just as anything else has. Customers who believe that certification, one-stop-shopping or any other “let’s make this easy for you” plan will make their project successful are usually in for a surprise and not a good one.


If you’re reading this and are unhappy with your services, there is probably an underlying reason for it. Many of you reading this have absolutely no control over this. Rather than remain frustrated, try to understand it’s not going to get any better and just let it go – just do your own best to get done what you need to get done and try not to dwell on it. For those reading who do have control over it, don’t complain about it – do something to make it better or just live with it.

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Laboratory Software Services Charges

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