Samstag, 16. Mai 2015

LabAutomations 2.0 Beta

I recently migrated the "old" forum software (sponsored by myBB) to our own custom solution and implemented lots of new features. This was a major upgrade to the core system and I kindly apologise for any interruption and the poor availability of in the past few days. But it`s done. We can enjoy a free and open community of interest for laboratory automation and robotics. Cheers!  (Big Thank You: Darco, Martin!! )

New functions come with greater responsibilities. A little story:

I had to open the sites firewall temporarily and had a bleeding wound on the site for a couple of hours. I have no idea who could be interested in taking this website down, but I will find you and I will kill you! I lost a minimum of 3h to recover this failed takedown attempt, but I thank you for making this site even more stable. Now, beside from SSL encryption, we support a layered firewall, a hardened software, scheduled scans for malware and lots of settings to cover full integrity. If this fort knox is not a safe place now, I do not know... Happy surfing.

A few new features:

  • Users can create and update profiles, including the use of profile photos. Site administrators can easily set up the parameters of the user profiles.

  • Users can befriend one another. The site owner can decide what special abilities friends have with regard to one another.

  • Users can send private messages. LabAutomations comes with a robust private messaging system, similar to that found on Facebook. Users can choose whether or not to receive an email notification when someone sends them a message.

  • Users can form and join groups. Groups can be used for a wide range of functions within the website. Administrators can choose to let their users create and join groups of common interest.

  • Users can follow activity streams. LabAutomations activity streams provide a quick digest of the recent activity going on within a site or with regard to a particular user.

  • Users can create blogs. LabAutomations gives administrators and users a full-featured online publishing platform.

  • Users can participate in forum discussions. BuddyPress is fully integrated with bbPress, a slick forum system.



LabAutomations 2.0 Beta

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