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Keeping up with sample preparation

Located in the heart of the Greater Toronto, Canada, Questron Technologies has been providing high-end sample preparation equipment for metal analysis to analytical laboratories for over 20 years. In the early 1990’s Questron was the first to introduce computer controlled temperature and pressure microwave digestion systems. Continuing our tradition, in 2005 we were the first to introduce the concept of all plastic robotics for laboratories, in the form of automated digestion systems. Our line of products are tailored to specifically provide analytical laboratories with a total solution for sample preparation needs. Our sample prep product range includes:

  • QBlock Wireless Manual Block Digestion system

  • Vulcan Automated Digestion and Work-up Station

  • QLab Pro Microwave Digestion System

  • QPrep Automated Dispensing and Dilution Station

  • QAsh 1800 Microwave Ashing System

Questron is always in touch with users and welcome feedback from industry. In fact this is the key driving factor for new developments and broadening our range of offering. Our group of highly qualified engineers and application specialists make Questron a successful team. We collaborate with renowned universities and industries in proving our new concepts. The result of this approach is our cost-effective QBlock Wireless Digestion system wherein users can control up to eight digestion blocks simultaneously.

As higher throughput becomes more and more of a necessity with stricter regulations being implemented by regulatory agencies, Questron has developed and implemented automated digestion and work-up stations; Vulcan. Combining our QBlock design with a robust all-plastic hood and working robotic arm, users can safely dispense harsh concentrated acids and heat samples. Harmful vapours generated during digestion are easily removed. Stubborn and time consuming work-ups can also be performed directly within Vulcan, no need for unnecessary pipetting and diluting.

Microwave digestion has becomes a staple in the field of sample prep for many labs across the world. Questron strives to provide customers with the most reliable, efficient and safest means for this process, through our line of QLab Pro microwave digestion systems.

Questron’s vast distribution network has allowed labs worldwide to experience and incorporate our systems into their daily workflow routines, saving them time and money. Most importantly our products provide a safe alternative to traditionally harsh work environments, being recently internationally recognised as a winner for lab safety with our Vulcan line of systems.

Adaptability to meet industry demand is our moto when it comes to customer satisfaction. We provide customisation for all our products in order to accommodate the special needs of customers and provide unique solutions. Custom size blocks to accommodate odd vial sizes and lab automation for difficult situations is something our customers love about us.

We would like to hear from you. You can reach us by visiting our website, or contact us by phone at 1-844-363-1223 or email.


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Keeping up with sample preparation

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