Mittwoch, 14. September 2016

The revolutionary Lateral Flow Device Assembly

The revolutionary Lateral Flow Device Assembly solution combines intelligent automation and modularity on a desktop scale. It provides manufacturers flexible rapid test production capacity within a desktop footprint.

The solution is easily adaptable and can assemble different rapid tests with minimal product specific adjustments. Machine vision guidance and quality control throughout the entire system ensure a consistent high quality assembled device. The LFDA solution is built on Ginolis’s modular Xanthia robotic platform. The modular design provides speed, accuracy and precision, as well as flexibility for the future.

The Lateral Flow Test production line includes a bulk feeder, rotating disc and Scara robots for the infeed of cassettes or housings, an intelligent conveyor for material transfer, vision guided strip cutting and placement, electrically functioning press unit and a final comprehensive quality control check.

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Modules and Applications: bulk feeders, intelligent conveyor, Scara robots, strip infeed with single card, car magazine or reel modules, press unit with force and height parameters, integrated machine vision quality control and reject outfeed

The revolutionary Lateral Flow Device Assembly

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