Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2016

Celebrate with us - LabAutomation`s Birthday

Unbelievable, for me it feels like we have launched this website just a few weeks ago, but it`s a whole year of uptime already. I think this might be the right moment to share some community stats, along with some plans for next year.

Plans for 2016:

  • Implementation of a “Polling System”

  • Improving the Email Templates

  • More News Streams

  • More Directory entries

  • Refining onsite usability

  • Server upgrade from php5.3 to php5.5

  • Serve static files from a subdomain

  • Performance tweaks

  • Awesome secret things


  • Members onsite: 124 people

  • Members offsite: 600+ people

  • Written posts: 85 posts

  • Directory count: 46 companies

  • Media partnerships: 4 events

  • APIs to other sites: 25 interfaces

  • User activity: 825 posts


Feel free to share this post on other social networks and keep telling people about this project. We want to continue this service and make it the best source of content about laboratory automation. Thank YOU!

Celebrate with us - LabAutomation`s Birthday

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