Montag, 19. Oktober 2015

The LiMSforum group from Linkedin has moved to (an editorial)

Earlier in the year, Linkedin made some serious changes to their service that had deprecated their API that allows you to programmatically LIMSlogo-final-icon2access group data.  At that point, the decision was taken to move the LiMSforum group from Linkedin to its own group built on Open Source.  We used WordPress and their huge ecosystem of plugins to build the site you see today.

We finally made the switch from Linkedin to our own site this past week.  Now that it is done, there is no looking back.  The fact is, we now have more functionality and engagement than we have ever had on Linkedin.  We moved all of the discussions over to the new site and the engagement is growing and the membership quite rapidly.

We plan to maintain the Linkedin group until all of the major group members are moved over.  We will share postings from the new LiMSforum site with our legacy group on Linkedin so that we drive more members to the new site.

I invite everyone to browse around the new LiMSforum site and see what all is there currently.  It basically combines the old LIMSforum group from Linkedin, the LIMSwiki, the LIMSblog, LIMSfinder, LIMSpec and LIMSbook into one platform to cover all aspects of Laboratory, Informatics, Medical and Scientific topics related to the operations and management of laboratories through Information Technology.

Under the About Us menu tab we have a Coming Soon section that shows all of the new things that are currently under development and soon to be released.  One of the most exciting is the ability for our members to get Cloud based servers and apps with the push of a button.  We will be providing cloud based LIMS, LIS, ELN, SDMS, CRM, ERP, CMS, LMS and every other app acronym you can think of.

Basically, we are building out a community driven site that provides all of the information, resources and applications your lab needs to operate.  It is socially engaging and provides a marketplace where you can easily purchase laboratory and medical supplies courtesy of Amazon.

There is a lot going on and we have setup a Help forum so that as you navigate LiMSforum and have questions or need help, we have an actively monitored Help Group where you can post your questions on how to use LiMSforum or make suggestions for improvements.

The LiMSforum group from Linkedin has moved to (an editorial)

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