Montag, 19. Oktober 2015

Hamilton`s CO-RE System

CO-RE Hamilton

Nothing can be perfect, but Hamilton`s CO-RE system is epic. They have revolutionised the idea of picking up pipetting tips with nothing more than an O-ring. I don`t know, maybe MacGyver is working in their patent office but this invention is a great USP! You basically reduce the pick-up-force to almost zero, seal the tip to the channel by the expansion of the O-ring, pipette your stuff and release the used tip without contamination problems due to splashing material.

Here is what Hamilton writes about CO-RE:

Hamilton loaded the tips and single and multichannel heads for its Microlab STAR pipetting workstations with performance enhancing features. The result is a superior pipette channel which locks on to the tip rather than the standard method of forcing a tip on a mandrel. This new design, patented as CO-RE (Compressed O-Ring Expansion), assures better tip alignment, seals the tip to the pipette channel, eliminates tip distortion, and minimizes the risk of aerosol contamination. CO-RE also enables on-the-fly swapping of disposable tips with washable needles. As a bonus, it also provides a way to pick up labware manipulation tools with the pipette channels and reduce average system prices

PDF: CO-RE Tips_BR0004-web

Hamilton`s CO-RE System

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