Montag, 21. September 2015

Next Gen Sequencing and Tecan`s basement

Tecan is a market leader in lab robotics, builds swiss quality pipetting stations (and more) and always complies with the wish of their customers! High-Tech is what`s inside of their products and people are aware of this fact!

But the most important, unsolved question about this company is: What`s in Tecan`s basement?

There are few rumours about this one, but nothing was approved officially:

  • A candy shop

  • A refugees camp

  • Iron Man`s personal fitness studio

  • A swiss bunker basement

But let`s stop kidding for a moment see the recent invention of Tecan:

NGS sample preparation

NGS sample preparation Teaser v2

Next generation sequencing (NGS) technology is advancing at an unprecedented speed. The ever increasing throughput of NGS instruments, combined with the option to multiplex more and more samples, means that sample preparation has become a bottleneck in many laboratories.

Automation of NGS sample preparation on the Tecan Freedom EVO® NGS workstation increases throughput and reproducibility, guiding the user through each step of protocol selection and worktable set-up with the TouchTools™ operator interface.

Working in collaboration with key research centers and NGS sample preparation kit vendors (including Illumina® , Kapa Biosystems and Thermo Fisher Scientific), Tecan has developed and optimized automated NGS sample preparation protocols which have been tested and verified to ensure excellent performance in any laboratory.

If you want to know more about this topic, just hit the link and read the same things (+ a bit more) at Tecan`s Website

Just tell us in the comments, what YOU think is in Tecan`s basement... simple smile


Next Gen Sequencing and Tecan`s basement

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