Mittwoch, 5. August 2015

What is better than a Hamilton STARlet?


Exactly, a Star Plus. Basically it is the same maschine, just 2 of those connected to each other.

As you can only mount one arm to a single Hamilton Star(let), this setup opens a whole new level of

possibilities. You can, for instance, have the first Starlet equiped with a multichannel arm which

prepares your samples on a MTP and than hand over the plate to the second maschine equiped with a

96-Head to perform the whole workup of your assay. Great, isn`t it!

So this is the benefit for the user, but why does Hamilton not just construct a larger maschine?

This a question has a few anserws:

- Hamilton dont have to invent new parts, but only a connector between the 2 Starlets

- There might be a stability problem for the whole maschine if you (just) enlarge parts

- Shipment and build up is more comfortable with smaller parts

- The user can seperate both Starlets if he/she decides to continue with different assays


Here you can see a pdf of a Hamilton STAR plus setup:


What is better than a Hamilton STARlet?

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