Montag, 10. August 2015

BioData World Congress 2015

Are you, like Barack Obama, trying to push the science of genomics to the next leveI - the development of precision medicines?

You will be in good company if you are. Leading healthcare institutes across the world are grappling with this thorny challenge and many have found some very innovative and exciting solutions. These initiatives will be showcased, discussed and debated at one of the most exciting and innovative events in the genomics calendar.

The BioData World Congress, held at the Wellcome Genome Campus this October will:

  • Use novel formats to address the challenges in getting the benefits of genomic science to the patient - including narrative drama, roundtables, site visits and TED style talks

  • examine the science and technology that is shaping and revolutionising our understanding of disease

  • review the game changing innovation, roadblocks and critical success factors in the utilisation of genomic data

  • identify how big data is driving developments in precision medicine

Ticket prices start at £350. Register now to receive the best possible rates

We have an amazing faculty, a veritable who’s who in genomics, headlined by Eric Green from NHGRI and supported by visionaries from across the globe including The Broad Institute, Google, Harvard Medical School, EMBL-EBI, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, and Genomics England.

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BioData World Congress 2015

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