Dienstag, 7. Juli 2015

Major Upgrade (LabAutomations 3.0)

It was silent here since we started to develop the recent upgrade of LabAutomations, but I am excited to announce its release!

Now, the site is more powerfull than ever before. We primarily focused on usability and found a few good ways to implement a system which is easy to use but still multifunctional as per our requirements. I hope you like it as we do and enjoy this free community!

At this point, an important note for everyone who has beta tested our "LinkedIn Sign Up System". Unfortunately, we had to discontinue this module and replace it with a better one! The problem was simple, once someone logged in using this API he or she was unable to login normally and had to use the LinkedIn Sign Up System forever.

However, now you get a mail straight to your LinkedIn account, including the credentials to login "normally".

New Beta Testers here: https://goo.gl/IxmG4d

Best regards, Artur

Major Upgrade (LabAutomations 3.0)

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