Samstag, 11. April 2015

Why it`s time to automate your lab?

Why lab automation is essential to create the ability to deliver fast, accurate test results while becoming a consolidated workflow environment that maximizes throughput, reduces errors, and contains costs?

There is a strong competitional pressure for clinical laboratories: health care reforms, a slow economy, and administrative orders. To survive, labs must streamline operations, maintain low operating costs, and increase diagnostic accuracy. In many cases, lab automation has not only helped labs survive these hard times, it has helped them thrive.

Automation is essential for a few reasons:

  • Stay competitive. Automation can help combat shrinking reimbursement rates, hospital and managed care budget cuts, and compensate for a diminished labor pool of qualified technicians.

  • Increase productivity. Automated equipment can conduct multiple tests at once and often runs for extended periods without rest, providing for faster data collection. It can reduce sample bottlenecking by having a constant supply of samples to test.

  • Achieve financial stability, and possibly profitability. Manual testing requires more labour to manage the sample-preparation, testing, and validation processes; it can also introduce variability in results.  Automating testing can help reduce errors, increase reimbursement, and reduce labour costs.

  • Improve efficiency and consistency. Automation of diagnostics provides reliable and reproducible tests that manual testing by multiple technicians does not.

Why it`s time to automate your lab?

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