Mittwoch, 8. April 2015

Linear Motion Solution Summary

Ever wondered how (state of the art) laboratory robots, move from one sample tube to another? No? Then today is your lucky day.

Linear Motion, a technology used by e.g. the Maglev Transrapid in Shanghai, is in use since electronic engines exist. A linear motor is an electric motor with “unrolled” stator and rotor, so that instead of producing a torque (rotation) it produces a linear force. However, linear motors are not necessarily straight. Characteristically, a linear motor’s active section has ends, whereas more conventional motors are arranged as a continuous loop. You can easily accomplish high or low acceleration, as well as a permanent tracking of your position. And this is ecactly why laboratory robot manufacturers use this technologie. Check out following websites, if you want to know more about this topic..

Here is a quick list of linear motor suppliers:

Linear Motion Solution Summary

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