Samstag, 25. April 2015

Can you feel the pulse?

Yesterday one fellow reader of said: "You guys are doing great, it`s like this thing has a pulse!" Intentionally this project was planned to be, just a meeting point for people in the lab automation industry. Designed, to make lives of people easier, which are struggling with their devices and robots in the lab. And now it became even more..

I really can say with awe, this is a unique network of skilled professionals.  And the best thing anyway is:

IT`S FREE! No recurring membership fees or similars. Just pure content, useful and honest. And as anyone can contribute to this website in different ways, this may be a game changer very soon. Blog submissions, events or forum entries as well as directory listings and all the other fun stuff on here. Amazing! Thanks to all contributors at this point, to the supporters and interested readers as well!

Best Regards, Artur Markus

Can you feel the pulse?

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